Baby Bootie Crochet Pattern September 23, 2011 at 6:36 am

Baby Bootie Crochet Pattern Baby Bootie Crochet Pattern

Baby Bootie Crochet Pattern

Baby Bootie Crochet Pattern

What is more rewarding in the world than having your baby dressed in an outfit that has been specially crocheted by yourself like booties or cute sweaters. The Art of Crochet you will find is the easiest of all crafts to learn, even for total beginners of using yarn. It takes just an evening to crochet booties and a matching sweater for baby will take a weekend.

Baby Booties

To make the baby booties just require the basic stitches of : chain stitch (cs), dec (pull up the loop of the next 2 stitches, pull the yarn over then through both of the loops on the hook), and single crochet (SC).

1 Get some worsted weight yarn, equip yourself with a size H hook hook, and start by 5 CS (Chain Stitch). Turn and SC for 3 chains, 5 SC astatine the end chain, one SC in bottom loop at each of the next 3 SC stitches. The end chain is then 5 SC to turn the corner.

2 Now 5 SC, two SC in the next stitch; repeat 2 SC in the next stitch, repeat again, 5 SC, 2 SC in the next stitch, SC, 2 SC in the next stitch, SC, and 2 SC in the next stitch.

3 8 SC, 2 SC in the next stitch, 5 SC, 2 SC in the next, 8 SC, 2 SC in the next, 5 SC, and 2 SC in the next.

4 and 5 Even crochet with no increases for these next 2 rounds. Notice the sole as it begins to curve upwards. Once you have done the second round, turn.

6 SC for 5 SC, dec, 3 SC, dec, 5 SC, then turn.

7 SC for 3 SC, dec, 1 SC, dec, 3 SC, then turn.

8 SC for 1 SC, dec, dec, 1 SC, then turn.

9 and 10 SC in each SC, again continuing the rounds, dec one at either side of the top of the bootee for the next two rounds.

11, 12 and 13 Work these 3 rounds evenly, and finish by fastening off.

Repeat, to make the second bootie.

You can, if you wish, put a design on top of the baby booties such as an embroidered flower.

The booties can be crocheted in many different colors of your choice as they are so simple to make, so that you have a collection.


It is easy to make the sweater too, which is designed ideally for fitting a newborn baby up to 6 months. The same type of yarn and hook are used.

1 Chain 45, and turn.

2 SC for the next 5 SC. Next, inc. by 2 SC, Chain 2, and in one stitch 2 SC. For the next 8 stitches SC, inc. by working SC for the next 16 stitches, inc., SC for 8 stitches, inc., and SC to the end.

3-12 Continue working the established pattern, even SC on all, inc. for each loop on Chain 2, until all 10 rows ar completed.

13 This is the shaping row: Firstly, hook the Ch 2 loop, crochet to Ch 2 loop, skip all the stitches till the next Ch 2 loop, and crochet that loop. SC each stitch of the next Ch 2 loop, skip all of the stitches till you reach the Ch 2 loop, SC the loop and then SC for each SC to the end, and turn.

Continue working until the sweater is 6 inches in measurement from the underarm. You can fasten off now.

For the right underarm, pick up and Crochet each SC. Continue working in rounds for the arm until it measure the same distance as from the underarm as the body. Repeat to make the left sleeve. Finish by fastening off.

From the lower right hand, start by pick up the end stitch and crocheting 1 SC each stitch at the front opening, around the collar, back down to the other side of the front of the sweater. The openings in the neck collar ar now ready for a ribbon to be run through it, to make the necktie.

There you have it, a crochet sweater that it cozy and warm, with matching booties created by your own hands, especially for your baby. Aah!

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